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Singapore’s life has been enhanced by the Indian population. The Indian population has become the city proud. There are large numbers of the Indian restaurants in Singapore.
Little India is the one of the favorite sport in order to fulfill the curry carving. You can also wander in the bustling streets. Racecourse road is lined up with the eateries. This lane involves the two main Indian restaurants such as Banana Leaf Apolo and Muthu’s Curry. These two Indian restaurants are famous for the two Indian dishes such as Fish Head Curry. You can also find two best Indian restaurants in Komala Vilas. These restaurants serve the best masala dosa in the town.If you are interested to take the upmarket experience, Punjab Grill is the one of the efficient options and you can avail different discounts at British Indian Curry Hut ( BICH ) SG
Famous Indian Restaurants in Singapore:
• MUTHU’S CURRY ON RACE COURSE ROAD:This is one of the renowned venues for serving the fish head curry. This would be the best place for the next Singapore generation. All the people definitely love the fresh, tender and fleshy fish. This is actually the proper mix of the spiciness and sourness. The next beautiful thing about this restaurant was that you will definitely love the super hot naan that will come from the open kitchen that is situated in the middle of the restaurants. In the vegetarian section, they will only serve the 20 dishes but these are sufficient to satisfy your hunger.
• TANDOORI CORNER ON BOON TAT STREET :This is the best Indian restaurant that is situated in the Singapore’s CBD. There are not so many Indian restaurants in the center of the city. You can enjoy the existence of Tandoori corner on the Boon Tat street, is the real gift for the Indian Non veg Tandoori food.This is the Tandoori fare with the different North Indian Fare. There are different Tandoori selection that involves chicken Tikka, will capture the heart of the different people. You can also move to the curry and bread corner of the town which involves the tasty butter chicken and butter Naan. You can also enjoy the tasty papadums with the mint Chutney as a starter dish.
• SAMY’S CURRY :This is the most classy restaurant in Singapore. This is the place where you can enjoy the food at the pocket-friendly price. The restaurant has been more than 5 decades to serve the best fish curry. There are rice and two vegetables as the complimentary vegetables. You can enjoy the unlimited flow of rice and veggies.
• GAYATRI RESTAURANT ON RACE COURSE ROAD :This restaurant has the best balance between the non –vegetarian and vegetarian. You can also an emphasis on the different types of diets and style of foods. You can enjoy the dinner in the dining room. There are serving the different varieties of North and South Dishes. The other important function of this restaurant is that you can enjoy the more food at the most reasonable price, good welcoming atmosphere and comfortable service.
• KHANSAMA TANDOORI RESTAURANT :This is the place to enjoy the street life with the Indian beer. They serve the consistent dishes which have the right blend of the different spices in each recipe. You can also enjoy the taste buds with the different flavors of India. All the dishes such as chicken tikka, Mutton Rogan Josh,and chicken , are yummy. They serve the 60 vegetarian items . There is no one who cannot taste the Manchurian and noodles.
• Banana Leaf Apolo : This is one of the popular Indian restaurants on Race Course Road. This is the one of the lively restaurants that has been serving the curries in 1974. This restaurant is renowned due to the banana leaves as they are serving the dish of their have to select from two main specialties such as North and south Indian . Then your choice food is served in the Banana leaf.
• Ras The Essence of India : This is of the best Sg restaurants in Clarke Quay. They are serving the different range of the Indian dishes from the different states of India. You can enjoy the different outstanding dishes such as Tandoori lobster, Palak Paneer. You can also enjoy the lunch at our riverside tables.
• The Tiffin Room : This restaurant has provided the different tiffin service since 1890. Tiffin curry is the best food of the colonial life. They also serve the English high tea with their local buffet for lunch set.
• Song of India: This is the one of the Singapore’s finest Indian restaurants. This has the opulent interior of the different art stone walls .You can enjoy dining at the modern Indian cuisine. You can also enjoy the lunch set that is mostly available on Monday to Saturday.They are serving the unlimited servings with the selected amounts of dishes with an unlimited flow of beer.
• Yantra by Hemant Oberoi :This Indian restaurant has opened in Singapore in 2008. There is Mumbai based celebrity chef named Hemant Oberoi. This restaurant is the modern spin on North Indian cuisine. They will offer you the unusual event such as seafood Rassa, chicken Tikka fondue and chat .They also serve you different types of Indian bread, Biryanis and different rice dishes such as Chicken Pulao and different varieties of hot and thin soups.
• Tandoor :This Indian restaurant was established in 1985. Tandoor is having the Indian fine dining scene. This restaurant serves the different best Indian food of coastal areas of Goa, Lucknow, Mangalore,and Punjab. They serve you the different offerings such as Mango Curry, Nalli Gosht . This restaurant also offers different courses for the lunch and dinner sets. There is also brunch menu for the Sunday such as fish curry, mutton kebabs and Vegetable Biryani.
• Rang Mahal:This is an Indian Restaurant that is located in the Pan Pacific hotel. It’s elegant style, attentive waiting staff, a large amount of the wine list, make this restaurant more renowned. They are serving the greater value lunch buffet that spread the regional Indian flavors. There is no particular standard for the curry. Reserve a table to enjoy the delicious food.

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